Let me start by saying this is the best dentists office I have ever been to in my life. The entire staff is so invested in you and what they can do to help you. I have severe anxiety surrounding the dentist and have never been able to go to the dentist without having panic attacks.

I first saw Dr Dulac (he is the new dentist at this practice, I believe he is taking over for Dr Markoff) so he could remove the sutures in my gum after returning from a vacation where I had to have an emergency tooth extraction (the reality check when I realized I need to be more proactive about my teeth’s health). My first impression was that he was incredibly gentle; I ended up scheduling other appointments to get the remaining fillings in my mouth filled. I needed a total of 5 fillings– four on the right and one on the left, spread over two appointments. Regardless, I felt no anxiety and was very calm during the fillings– which is something very new to me. While Dr Dulac and his assistant Carlos were working on my teeth, they walked me through what they were doing which also helped keep my nerves down. Honestly, I was slightly nervous when he gave me the shot with the numbing medication, but I didn’t feel the need to resist (as I have felt before). I was comfortable and confident in Dr Dulac and his team’s capability. In addition, I felt extremely happy with the fact that Dr Dulac gave me several options when he was working on my fillings and was able to help me make a choice that was good for me and my wallet.

Furthermore, I saw Nadjma for my cleaning. She has a bright personality and is very kind (and funny!). She cleaned my teeth very thoroughly and was also very gentle. I definitely recommend her as a dental hygienist!

All in all, despite the anxiety that prevented me from going to the dentist for four years, I am currently up to date with all my fillings and cleanings, have my next cleaning appointment booked, and am in the process of getting my implant. I have never felt this confident about the health of my teeth and am so happy I have Dr Dulac’s professional opinion regarding it.

~Gabby W