If we punch the tissue, meaning there are no stitches, there's almost nothing to worry about. You might experience mild spot bleeding in the area if you brush and floss, and mild pressure. Most of the healing and discomfort and post-op complications come with the extraction, not with the implant. If there are any sutures around the implant to hold the gum down around it, you should be gentle in the area, be gentle brushing, and be gentle eating. Kind of avoid it for a couple of days. We'll have you back in a week or two to take the stitches out.

With an implant, if the site's closed over or if there's a healing cap on there and there are no stitches, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You're not going to hurt it. The only thing I advise against is using a water pick on the implant. You can use a water pick everywhere else, and I do want you to brush and floss. If you can't fit your full toothbrush in there, I'll give you a little one to brush the cap with. But don't try and blast the water pick down under and into the implant.

The implant is at its weakest about three to four weeks from the time of surgery. So after the first couple of days, you shouldn't feel anything at all. If you're seeing any redness, pus, bleeding, pain, or you're worried something's moving, especially if it's about a month from the surgery, three to four weeks from surgery, give us a call. If you're going to have a problem, it's usually three to four weeks from surgery.


Dental implants are the standard of care for replacing missing teeth and provide a fixed solution to removable dentures. Dental implants are natural-looking replacement teeth that are fixed in the jaw.

Dr. Dulac places and restores dental implants in Springfield, VA. Having the same doctor place and restore the implant offers numerous advantages. If you have an existing relationship with a periodontist or oral surgeon who you prefer to place the dental implant, Dr. Dulac is happy to work closely with the surgeon to plan you case so that you achieve the best possible final outcome.

The implant itself is an artificial tooth root made of titanium, an implant is surgically placed into the jawbone to support tooth-replacement structures such as crowns, bridges and dentures. While the implant mimics the root of the tooth, the replacement structure looks and feels just like a natural tooth, providing patients with a permanent solution that replicates the fit and feel of natural teeth.

Full arch implants are an option for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth and are seeking to reconstruct their entire mouth for restored function and appearance. Missing teeth can lead to serious dental problems and can significantly inhibit your ability to eat and speak. Full arch restoration implants are most often placed with dentures or bridges, providing patients with a natural and functional restored smile that offers numerous advantages over traditional removable dentures.

Dr. Dulac works closely with local surgeons and labs to provide “teeth-in-day” services, where you walk out with implant retained teeth the day of implant surgery. Ask Dr. Dulac, one of the leading dentists in Springfield, VA about this service to learn more.

Implant Restoration

Dental implants are essentially titanium metal roots placed in ones jawbone. After these implants fuse with a person’s bone we can add a single tooth here, bridgework or even removable appliances. They are very successful and long lasting with minimal discomfort.

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