What is the composition of all whitening gels and products?

All whitening gels and products are derivatives of hydrogen peroxide.

What is the impact of different concentrations of the hydrogen peroxide derivative on the teeth?

The impact depends on the concentration of the material and how long it is kept on the teeth.

Is it normal to experience sensitivity with whitening?

Yes, it is normal to experience sensitivity with whitening.

Do whitening products harm the tooth or enamel?

No, whitening products do not harm the tooth or enamel, and are safe and effective.

What is the difference between over-the-counter products and professional whitening?

Over-the-counter products may not have the best application of the material. For a better application, a custom tray can be made which you fill with gel and apply at home. However, many patients prefer the immediate results of professional in-office whitening.

What is the cost of the take-home trays and the in-office whitening service at Dr. Dulac's office?

The take-home trays are $300, the in-office whitening service is $600, and a $50 discount is offered when Dr. Dulac is not in the office.

What are the cons of tooth whitening?

There are no major cons of tooth whitening, except for potential temporary sensitivity after the procedure.

What causes teeth to darken with age?

As we age, the white outer coating of the tooth thins and the core of the tooth, which is yellow, gets denser and darker.

Does your offer any special deals or promotions for teeth whitening?

Yes, my office offers free whitening for anyone who does Invisalign or a clear line of therapy.

How can someone get more information or ask further questions about whitening?

For more information or further questions about whitening, individuals can call Dr. Dulac's office at (703) 451-4500.

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