Happy Spring!

The weather feels like it wants to warm up but we're not quite there yet...

Q2 2023 Schedule

  • The office will be closed in conjunction with Fairfax and Loudoun Spring Break April 3-7. We will coordinate emergency coverage and leave instructions on the office voicemail for any emergencies that arise that week.
  • Dr Dulac will be out for CE on two days: Thursday April 20 and Thursday May 18. He will be out May 8-11; May 15-16. The office will be open those days for cleanings.
  • We will observe Memorial Day and close the office on Monday May 29.

Online Presence

We've made a number of updates to the website dulacdds.com: online payments, a blog for common questions, a YouTube channel with educational videos, and online scheduling for cleanings.

Clinical Updates

We've added a sleep and snoring screening to our routine exams. As sleep apnea becomes more understood and prominent in the medical community, we want patients to be aware of the dental options for snoring and sleep apnea as well. As Artificial Intelligence continues to revolutionize the world around us, we've added an Al to review all X-Rays.

Think of it as an immediate second opinion that highlights areas of potential concern for Dr Dulac to review.

Staff Updates

Our veteran staff continues to be committed to customer service: Deb and Caroline up front, Nadjma our hygienist, and Erica our assistant. Our second hygienist, Hien, has been with us for over 6 months now. She's here in the mornings Monday - Thursday. Nadjma is at the office full time, including Fridays. We would like to welcome Carl to our team. He's an assistant with over 11 years of experience. After a number of candidates last year, we were finally able to find someone who meets our service and excellence standards following Leigh's retirement last year.

We look forward to seeing you in the office!

- Dr. Dulac