3D X-Ray / CBCT

CBCT (Cone Beam CT) Scan or a 3-D Xray is a revolutionary technology that has emerged in the last 10 years that allows Dr Dulac to see the teeth and jaw bones in 3d as they truly exist in your mouth rather than simply compressed into one plane as a traditional 2-d xray would.

This technology is the standard of care for implant placement.

This technology also allows Dr Dulac to do guided implant surgery. Dr Dulac is able to merge a CEREC scan of your teeth with the 3d xray. This merger allows Dr Dulac to plan where your implant will be placed, and then fabricate a guide for surgery that ensures the implant is placed in the ideal location.

In addition to being the standard of care for implants, this diagnostic tool is also great for improving root canal outcomes, and assessing a broad variety of pathology previously not possible to assess with traditional 2-d xrays.